Medsurant Health Family of Practices

For more than 30 years, the highly trained Medsurant Monitoring staff has provided IONM services to assist surgical teams in protecting at-risk neural structures.

Our technicians are all highly qualified, certified clinicians trained in intraoperative monitoring. We have a unique mix of audiologists and neurophysiologists on staff, so that monitoring by Medsurant has the benefit of both disciplines and will result in the very highest quality of service.

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Advanced Medical Resources (AMR) provides Intraoperative Neurophysiologic Monitoring to assist surgeons in determining the neurological status of a patient when under anesthesia.

By using IONM, surgeons can decrease the risk of paralysis and other complications during critical surgical procedures. Hospitals that provide neurological, orthopedic, vascular and cardiothoracic surgical services depend on IONM as the gold standard. Today AMR provides services in hospitals and surgical centers in Texas, Mississippi, Florida, South Dakota, and Alaska. AMR can also provide services in any location that requires intraoperative monitoring.

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PAS is proud of its dedicated staff of intraoperative neurophysiologist professionals who provide IONM services at numerous hospital centers throughout the metropolitan New York/ New Jersey region. All are university-trained and are from varied educational and healthcare backgrounds.

Each member of our staff receives a rigorous, intensive training fellowship with the goal of being able to provide independent, thoughtful care. Our neurophysiologists use only cutting-edge instrumentation and technologies along with the latest electrophysiological techniques and modalities.

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At the Head & Spine Institute of Texas, our highly-specialized teams use IONM to reduce your risk of nerve damage during invasive procedures. Using electrophysiolocigal tests (conducted by retrieving real-time feedback from electrodes placed on your skin), IONM clinicians help your surgeons safeguard the neural structures responsible for feeling, movement, blood pressure and even breathing.

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AIM provides state of the art intraoperative monitoring throughout Oklahoma. Surgeons request American Intraoperative Monitoring services to reduce the potential of surgical risks and increase the chances of a positive outcome for each patient. American Intraoperative Monitoring provides intraoperative neuromonitoring (IONM) services in all surgical fields that require protection of the central nervous system (brain, facial, spinal cord, and nerves).

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